Can't?........ Sure if you Cannot

The difference between success and failure is directly tied to your beliefs. What you believe is what you get!

This is the first swear word I hear from participants that engage in, or try to engage in, physical activity. Very easy on the tongue –" I can’t ".

Yes, most times I will just turn around and say, “sure you can’t because that’s what you believe”. Having been in the fitness and health profession my entire life, I do have the ability to know who CAN and who needs to do something alternative due to a predisposition of some kind. My daily life exists around the art of knowing humans and their mental and physical abilities.

When someone does not believe, they simply give up and the sum total is automatic failure. When you believe you can, you’ll do everything to make sure you’ll succeed. For those who believe that they “can’t”, they won’t do what is necessary to be done to succeed.

When you believe you can, you put your mind and subconscious towards ways to succeed. You become more confident, you make the right choices and you connect with the right people to help you succeed.

In order to achieve success, whatever goal you want to achieve, you simply HAVE to believe that you can and will get what you want.

So how do you start to get what you want?

Number one on the list is to practice self gratitude. Tell yourself, in the mirror, that you love yourself and that you are enough. Thank yourself for what you have achieved so far and understand that YOU will be enough. It can be also called self belief.

Number two is to really know what you want. You really cannot expect to get anything if you do not know what it is. Self-fulled goals are the only goals that will make you an unstoppable human on your journey.

Yes over the years you’ve formed beliefs that say you can’t do certain things or that you can’t achieve your goals and and and……

Number three is the need to change those “can’t beliefs”. Take control of your thoughts and create new beliefs in order to change old beliefs. BE PRESENT!! Slow down, breathe deeply and surrender yourself. Understand that your life is a mirror of your beliefs. The longer you wait to change those areas of your life with the negative beliefs, the harder they become to change or move. Your beliefs, developed over the years, shaped your life and are based on your experiences and how you see things. Beliefs that do not allow you to succeed or achieve your goals, should be removed and replaced.

Number four is taking deliberate conscious steps to remove all the beliefs that don’t work for you and all the negative beliefs that hold you back. In order to be a “whole” being, you need to remove the “holes” in your system. After the realization in number three, the necessary steps to take on the journey to success, will be clear.

Without self-doubt you can achieve self confidence!

So what has this to do with physical fitness?


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