S.W.E.A.T. – When You Get Wet!

So many people are not convinced about the amazing results the mind and body can achieve in the presence of WATER. We arrive into the world via the world of water! Thus, a no brainer that getting back into the wet water environment, could hold many benefits.

Irreplaceable, the freedom which water provides to the human body – especially heated water.

Those humans, that still think that the water-training environment is only meant for the overweight, need to also catch a serious wake-up and become more educated. I always find delight in training a European soccer player on arrival here at home. They simply just know that the pool is part of their training or rehab routine.

How then can the macho human make the pool water workout a challenging training experience?

By applying the SWEAT Formula!

A work colleague of mine in Canada, shared this formula with me some years back during my presentations in the USA. Easy to understand and incorporate into any training program. That’s when PAASA (The Professional Aquatic Association of SA) adopted this formula and it was also incorporated by all the local training schools into their courses.

S in the word SWEAT stands for SPEED AND SURFACE AREA. Speed is always an obvious way to increase the intensity or also decrease the intensity. As long at full range of motion is not compromised. When power is the purpose during a workout, it is also important not to let forceful applications be compromised for speed.

Surface areas can be made bigger through positioning or even a different pool.

W represents the WORKING POSITION in the pool. Different levels exist in the pool. The most frequent used, are firstly REBOUND OR LEVEL 1 – this is where you stand straight up and execute the movements with the body more exposed to gravity. Most commonly used for good form and alignment during the workout.

For the Athlete in you – simply take this now to EXTENDED LEVEL 1 OR PLYOMETRICS – now you can jump rather high up vertically from the floor. Powerful movements into gravity, off the floor,

elevating the intensity tremendously.

The next level NEUTRAL OR LEVEL 2 – where the body gets kept low, shoulders covered and just head above water. More horizontal execution is used with enhanced buoyancy and hydrostatic pressure. This obviously excludes any high impact execution of movements.

The SUSPENDED OR LEVEL 3 working position is where you don’t touch the pool bottom and where gravity is minimal and buoyancy is maxed. Buoyancy equipment can be added as a “sinker”, and a “floater” needs to overcome buoyancy with great effort.

E has in it 3 things to either lift or lower intensity ENLARGE – ENFORCE – ENERGY

Make levers (arms, legs, equipment) longer for a fuller ROM or use POWER applications – ENFORCE – the movement to create more muscle strength and put more ENERGY!! In.

A stands for Around the Body – either physically around or moving around all joints to enhance the intensity while applying muscle balance e.g. kick to front, then to side, kick across, kick backwards.

T This is one of the most effective ways to enhance the quality of a workout - TRAVEL!! Beginners, yes, stay on the spot and try with one of the other letters first, but for higher athletic performance, sure use the wonderful properties of water to work while you move through the water from one end to the other.

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