Training with your body

Those who have been close to me within the training arena, know me as a coach, taking up as little space as possible, while putting athletes/clients through their programs. My own training background has lead me to the firm belief that, should you be able to handle your own body weight as a training tool, you will possess strength, speed, agility and power. And these are the attributes any athlete should be able to display. It also provides you with ultimate explosiveness and mobility, which makes any human into a weapon – a force to be reckoned with.

Many humans set themselves limitations – maybe due to subconscious programming (mum told you its dangerous to swing on a bar cause you will fall) or possibly due to simply being in possession of inactive years. This then means not having the foresight or belief to do a back flip or squat jump. Getting to know your body is THE MOST EXCITING discovery. You really have what it takes physically – BUT – have you got the drive, the desire, the want, and the mind to become SUPER HUMAN YOU?

Workouts, using your own body, guarantee results – but YES, it demands dedication as well as being in the moment!

Just stop wasting time following all these gimmicks and fads making their appearances merely to fill the pockets of mostly fly by nights. Opt for a body that’s not just strong (strength requires no speed and strength is not power) and also for a body that’s not simply just fast (without strength you cannot develop power and pure speed on its own is useless) So, I try to give my athletes/clients a powerful body. That’s speed and strength mixed together. Functional speed is the goal, where your body moves as a whole, as quickly as possible. Therefore a powerful body, as the product, where you have attributes included to turn, jump and react very quickly. Too many training programs make you train only in linear directions. Directional change, coordination skills, rotational jump ability, excellent reflexes – all of these qualities do not merely deliver a complete competent athlete but it also provide the ability for any human to e.g. stop his/her body when slipping down a flight of stairs and twisting and landing safely or jumping over a wall to escape danger or dodging an attacker. Functional everyday activity preparation through your training will not only prepare you better for life on earth but will also make you look pleasing to the eye while living!

Our bodies need to work in an integrated manner. Try to avoid old and outdated methods of training, which will just make you slower and more immobile. Spend some time watching animals move – gracious, strong core making integrated movements, fast with extreme quickness, powerful, agile with brilliant reflexes. Our bodies determine how our brain operates – thousands of years B.C. – without shiny equipment in luxury gyms – our ancestors were super strong. They only had their bodies to train with. They had to compete with strong animals in the wild! It is very important to understand and know that you cant separate your body parts e.g. make your fist fast to punch. No, it requires your entire body, core, shoulders and legs to throw a good punch. That’s why I cannot understand why old outdated methods are still allowed in most of our soccer teams. No wonder that from the very young, to the mature players, most spend numerous hours at medical centers to recover from some kind of injury. It takes well-educated, updated, enlightened trainers to build powerful athletes for the future – from a very young age. Where to start? My suggestion is to start with the basic squat. Make sure you can execute the perfect squat, which is in your DNA make-up, before attempting any plyometrics involving jumps. Should you find that your body is already as tight as a frozen elastic, then release the fascia first and do some muscle activation. Over time this movement will get back to its natural original state. From there onward, your body will always be keen to return to this origin, that you introduced back into your DNA.

Also start with the basic push-up. Wanting the upper body to function powerfully only means that this movement, called the push-up, needs to be mastered well before moving on to plyo-push-ups.Save on your budget – go down to your local park, if you do not have a jungle gym in the back yard – and start using your amazing body to become super human strong!Enjoy the Journey!!

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