Get Activated!! Switch On!!

Why is it that there are still so many individuals who don’t they must switch on the engine before driving it!

Whether it is getting on the spinner bike where you are experiencing a tight calf muscle or waking up with a stiff neck or shoulder. As with your vehicle, which you start by turning the key, so it is with your muscles. Switch on – and then move.

In my previous blog we discussed the benefits of myofascial release. Please refer back to all the guidelines and explanations of incorporating self myofascial release methods.

Therefore, I thought it would be of interest to many, to have a practical look at some of the different positions and uses of a normal foam roller.

Let’s take a look at easy ways to release some of the tight areas in the body. This is suggested before you put them to use………..

  1. calves

Long roller or short roller – if possible put one leg on top of other for more pressure and start by rolling upwards, covering the entire calf. Work your way down and move the leg to cover all areas. Hold steady where you feel intense tightness and once it releases, keep rolling. Hold the position where the lower section attaches and move laterally a few times till discomfort eases. Repeat on other calf.

2. quads

Support the body with core engaged whilst rolling the quadriceps muscle from just above the knee up to the hip flexor. Take your time and move the leg to ensure you cover all the different muscles. Repeat on the other leg.

3. Gluts

Sit in a sideways position where the roller fits under the glut area. This muscle benefits from using a hard ball, which then has deeper access into the muscles. a very important release as the gluts are attached to the back muscles, which can be very stiff from your everyday sitting positions or from your last tough lower body workout.

4. Adductor/groin

Lie in a prone position, lift one leg towards shoulder with roller underneath adductor muscle. Roll from just above the knee right up to the groin area. Take your time to cover this entire area of tightness.

5. Hamstring

Place the roller under one or both hamstrings. Let the body glide from just above the knee area up to the gluts. Move the leg around to cover all over these strong muscles.

Also assume the bridge position to just ensure that the hamstrings and gluts are ready to fire!

Supine bridge position

Lie supine with feet on roller and neck in neutral position.

Retract scapulae and engage hamstrings, gluteals and lumbar extensor muscles.

Hold for the count of ten, release and repeat.

Supine bridge position with leg lift

From supine bridge position, progress into alternate leg lifts, without dropping the hip line.

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