2019 Here we go!!!

The month of January brings new resolutions, a new diary and new ideas to get that perfect body you always see on TV and online. And that body is gonna be yours – whatever it takes……….

so fitness facilities and classes are well attended – till– either the body is totally fatigued or the motivation is suddenly not there anymore cause it’s really hard work, or you have an injury which you sustained while trying to keep up with the high intensity workouts “where all your pals go”.

Would it not be better to start this fitness journey with a more sustainable, manageable GPS setting? You have obviously set a goal, because without a goal and destination, there cannot be a GPS setting.

Ensure that the goal is realistic, in time and outcome.

It is always advisable to have a professional physical assessment done where weaknesses, body types, functionality and possibilities can be highlighted and discussed. Preferably choose an experienced health coach, that is well qualified life coach. Mental and physical goals run this marathon together.

All of the above is one aspect but the biggest of them all is your food & drink intake! I am not always sure why this does not form the start, the center, of the planned journey. no extra expense, money saving, energy creation, health promotion, less stress over illnesses and medical expense, youth creation and maintenance, no extra time (which you never have) spent on traveling, social life improvement, etc…

My advice? Gained a few extra kilos during festive season? The best is to join a great spinning class with an instructor that can take you through this first “foundation building” stage; who knows how energy zones work to be able to assist you with that new heart rate monitor which will guide you on this journey.

A good spinning class will be one of the permanent fixtures throughout the entire year (and for the rest of your life) so you build those new capillaries, mytochondria and lose the unwanted fat stores at the same time.

Start with this great exercise medium while you are busy with the diet changes. During this amazing cardiovascular training modality, your body excretes “happy hormone” endorphins, which will assist in keeping your exercise routine regular and making it more attractive to then become a habit. obviously start by throwing out all the unnecessary, preservative and sodium-loaded food.

To obtain that amazing physical body, you need to cut fast food, sodas, sauces and simple sugars as a start and add much more energy giving foods. Planning of meals and snacks are the basis of changing your old habits. I would also suggest, keep doing at least one thing you did during your holiday that really brought you calm happiness e.g. watching the sunrise/set, listening to amazing music, building a puzzle, talking to intelligent friends, swim, walking and smelling the roses.

Make this 2019 exactly what you imagine it can be! Through your manifestation thoughts, filled with the positive, you can obtain what you desire!!

Wishing you all health during the year.

Yours in Fitness

Elsa Storm

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