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It is rewarding to notice how many trainers, teams, individuals and companies have subscribed to the idea of using elastic tubing devices to get the ‘engine’ going. Over several years, part of my success in creating athletes with speed, and without injury, has been the use of activation before activity. I have been using elastic bands throughout my involvement in sport, which has lead to great achievements, especially within the football arena. Companies are now either manufacturing these bands locally or abroad, or importing a labeled brand, to add to their variety of online purchases. This makes their availability very convenient and no more struggling with surgical tubing, or that one guy who serviced the local market. Speed Bands, Ankle Bands, Power Bands, Resistance Speed Trainers, Resistance Bands – all of these are readily locally for sale.

Resistance activation

Speed is measured by how much force you put into the ground along with good sprinting technique. Every parent, every athlete, will try just about anything to cut down on sprint time. It is well known that without resistance training, maximum speed cannot be achieved. In many instances the athlete has not been assessed to find the underlying weaknesses. This can lead to injury or simply not obtaining your top performance levels. Sometimes it is as easy as getting both legs even and not having merely one stronger, more powerful leg. The secret finally lies in training the specific muscle groups correctly and consistently to get an athlete to perform optimally in his sport. That means applied knowledge to “activate” and train these fast twitch muscle fibers in such a way that high performance speed can be achieved and also maintained. It is crucial to train the way you want to play.

We start our vehicle before we can drive to any destination. The same applies to our bodies. Switch on these fast twitch fibers to enable them to play at peak speed. For the athletes who need to deliver to the high demand of sudden top speed bursts, it is vital that these movements have the correct speed of execution once biomechanics are operating through the most efficient chain. Training and activation are two separate modalities when using the belts, bands and tubes.

For the weekend warrior, before you attempt that park run, activate your muscle fibers first to assist you in injury prevention.

Speed CAN be improved! You need to “wake up” and train your fast twitch muscles from a young age in the correct way. Making use of bands in the right way, you can have improved speed which include first step speed, pure speed, agility, change in direction, explosive power, mobility, flexibility, strength and balance. Using this type of training in the youth assists in building a top performance athlete without unnecessary injuries. It needs skill, knowledge and experience to prepare our youth going through puberty while the demand for performance is high.

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