Do you care enough? More money saving tips...

In my last blog, we started looking at easy ways to keep the body strong and away from the knife.

To keep our knees carrying us for as long as we wonder this earth, we need to adhere to a few basic and easy to do rules.

But before that can be put into action, the decision of, “I CARE ENOUGH,” must be made by the owner of the knees.

  1. Do you care enough to do anything possible to save your knees to maintain quality living?

  2. Do you maintain the correct percentage body fat to muscle ratio?

  3. Do you care enough to cut down on the simple sugars that eat away on your joints?

  4. Do you care enough about the people you share your life with to be the best you can be?

  5. Do you listen to professional advice from those who have the knowledge to provide guidance?

  6. Do you care enough to engage in an exercise routine even if you come from a sedentary example lifestyle?

  7. Do you adhere to safety guidelines during exercise routines?

  8. Do you make all attempts possible to balance mental fitness to ensure optimum physical performance?

Once you are serious about your goals, then the following exercises will serve as a starting point.

1. Seated Single Leg Raises

Sit straight up with your back supported against a wall. Bend the left leg and keep the right leg straight in front of you on the floor. Contract your abdominal muscles and as you exhale lift the very straight right leg off the floor with the foot in a flexed position. The 10 lifts are not high but need to be done with an isolated muscle contraction just above the knee. After the 10 straight up lifts, turn the right foot outwards, still in line with the knee. Repeat the 10 lifts with turned out foot and straight leg. Repeat on the left leg. Do 3 sets of 10 three times per week.

2. Wall sits

With non slip footwear or barefoot on a non slip surface, stand with your back against the wall and knees 90 degrees in front of you. Ensure that your knees are behind the balls of your feet. Feet facing forwards and knees shoulder width apart. Keep the spine neutral and shoulder blades retracted against the wall. Try and hold 30 seconds long before you straighten up for a break. As your legs get stronger, you can hold for longer. Do this three times per week.

3. Stationary cycling

With the correct set up on a bike (3 and 9 check on cranks to ensure knee is behind ball of foot and seat height not too high or especially too low) you can strengthen the muscles supporting the knees. Practice good pedal stroke to ensure no unnecessary stress on knees.

This has been a rehabilitating practice to strengthen knees over many years.

4.Water Walking

Got a pool at home? Or maybe you have friends with a pool? Get in and walk! Up and down, knees up, heels to gluts, short steps, long steps, forward and backwards, sideways, on heels, on toes.

The wonderful natural resistance offered by the forces in water cannot be replaced in gravity.

NOW……………. No more excuses! Take care of yourself, your body, your mind and become the best you can be!

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