What is the real cause?

There is an issue that has become a major part of my daily dealings, and I simply just have to share this with those out there who have already found the secret to amazing living.

Hopefully you will share my disbelief

My question stands – why does someone phone up up an orthopaedic surgeon first before having tried obtaining assistance – Have a true body assessment done, where specific weaknesses and tightness can be identified and dealt with first. A training program well designed for a specific individual will solve most problems.

It leaves me with my opening question – what is really the reason? Could it still be that there is a a lack of knowledge, even in this technological era? Is it simply having a lazy attitude to not move the body? Is it the comprehensive hospital plan? Is it the persuasiveness of others? Or maybe it seems to be the easy way out – which it certainly is not!

So this is my dilemma – I cannot understand choosing a hospital/clinic over the comfort of your own home, or the excitement of going to a gym with a training buddy or your own trainer, setting goals, achieving goals, getting stronger, losing the excess weight, making new friends, investing in an independent life ………. the list is endless!

The thought of an individual still not doing the necessary strengthening or lengthening or simply not training, is a shocking one. Well it must be these “others” that consume all the sweet fizzy drinks together with an oily take-out? In that case it won’t mean anything to mention the obvious tips that we all know:

  • take stairs instead of elevators

  • park far away when you go to work or shopping

  • walk three times per week

  • drink lots of water

  • cut out the cheat foods

  • eat breakfast

  • do not stop at vending machines

  • take frequent breaks when your job is mainly sitting

  • write down your goals

  • plan your meals

  • train to look more attractive to your other half

  • do some basic exercises in the office – individually or as a group

  • be a manager of your own life and take charge

So, let’s rather start looking at some specific exercises that can be done for those who are thinking about phoning the surgeon.

I will tackle different body parts over the next coming weeks.

For this week, we look at a great and easy to do movement, which should be done at least three times per week – The Bridge. This movement strengthens the gluts, hamstrings and lower back.

Lie on your back with knees bent – hip width apart, and knees in a straight line with feet flat on the floor. Arms lie next to the body on each side. Start rolling up the body – vertebrae by vertebrae all the way up lifting your hips to the ceiling till knees and thighs are parallel. Inhale on the upward roll and exhale on the downward movement. This way of lifting into the bridge also loosens up the pelvis and back while you are working on the glut, hamstring- and back extensor muscles. By adding a ball or pillow in between your knees for this movement, you will also involve lower abdominal- and adductor muscles.

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