Good Form Bad Form

HITT, HEAT, SWEAT, FIT, JUMP, CAMP etc etc The latest craze and the public jumps to get first in line. Amazing how goalless-thinkers and weekend warriors invest in the physical without program planning and goal setting. The argument might be it’s the IN thing to do (for a while normally) but are you focusing on alignment during the execution of these timed exercises? When I look at some of the push ups or planks, I can only wonder….

Taking your body through correct alignment and good form while exercising, promises the highest deliverance on injury free training with amazing results. That’s then also why I am looking in this article at correct execution of four of the main exercises, which can be filtered into any program.


Targeting lower body( when no rotation or upper body work is added) where the gluts and legs get a truly great workout. If you still want to continue lunges into your 90’s, then follow the following safety guidelines:

  1. Step forward with the right leg while the left legs heel lifts off the floor.

  2. Keep the torso upright

  3. Bend the back left knee down towards the floor in a 90 degree angle whilst the front right leg’s knee stay stable and behind the ball of the foot.

  4. For extra safety make sure you can tap the toes of the front. Keeping the weight in the front heel protects the knee joint.

  5. Looking from the side, both legs should be in right angles with head forward on a straight up body alignment.

  6. Always be able to draw a line from the ear, down the shoulder, down the hips.

  7. Repeat on the other leg. Try to complete 10 x reps with exhalation on the forward lunge action.


Targeting the lower body with this natural bending position. Due to lifestyle habits and changes, the posterior lower legs can sometimes be tight because of shortening of muscles and tendons. This will make the correct Squat impossible and the person should seek professional assistance.

  1. Heels stay on floor throughout movement.

  2. Head and shoulders straight throughout movement.

  3. Avoid forward flexion of torso.

  4. Exhale on the downward move and use powerful lifts to come back up.1

  5. 5 x reps with good form


A movement that has been wrongly used over the years as punishment for doing something wrong. It is in actual fact a brilliant move that not only works arms. Depending on the grip, various muscles can be targeted.

  1. Choose your appropriate level – on knees or with wide feet or feet together, incline, one arm etc etc.

  2. The body alignment is straight from the feet throughout the gluts into the shoulders to the head. Always look at the lines you form. Avoid dropping the lower back area by all means!

  3. Get in position with core engaged and simply bend and straighten your arms. Exhale on the downward move.

  4. The core needs to be engaged to enable this movement to become your daily habit.

  5. Keep your upper back in good straight up position by doing this move regularly


Obviously the pillar, the foundation, of all the moves we talk about. Without this isometric strength, the future of exercise will look bleak. A strong core protects the body and injury prevention gets made easy.

  1. As the word describes, form a “plank” on your elbows. Head and glut area need to be very straight. Head looks up.

  2. A very important area is the upper back that cannot be rounded during this exercise. Retract the shoulder blades and make the neck long.

  3. Tighten the gluts, breathe through the lower abdominal part and press the elbows into the floor as hard you can.

  4. Hold this plank position everyday for at least one minute.

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