Flow Success

How many individuals that you know, have the ability to successfully focus; have a mental state of flow; the ability to be “in the zone”?

It always amazes me how some participants, in a cardiovascular fitness session, can look around, check their phone, slow down to sip water at a leisure pace or find any excuse to NOT be in the moment!

“Flow” has been the topic of many of my international presentations because I find it necessary to share this very important message with other fitness professionals. Being able to have complete concentration and immersion in a particular task is of utmost importance to achieve success.

An athlete that is in a complete state of flow will experience many different feelings. There is a definite feeling of full control over the specific activity as well as a heightened sense of awareness. The feeling of focused concentration on the present moment also brings an emotion of total purposeful achievement. In the event where an individual experience all these different feelings together, we talk about being “in the zone”.

Being “in the zone” your task becomes nearly instinctive. It is like operating in a different dimension or not doing it consciously.

Most of us know it is possible and have also experienced it in our lives. It is obvious that certain specific personality traits may achieve a state of flow more easily than the regular person..

Thus with individual sports this is the winning difference. So what about team sports? It is very possible for a team to become so amalgamated that it experiences a state of a “group flow” – where every player is in the zone. Imagine the potential force of a team with all of its parts in a state of optimal performance acting as one flowing body.

It is my belief that when you see a product of success e.g. a team playing fluid football, much teamwork, in the form of physical as well as mental preparation, took place. Successful coaches are always on the look out for “hive mind”. Personalities that work for internal reward and achievement rather than external forces such as money, fame or power, are highly intrinsically motivated and have low self-centeredness. A team full of these autotelic personalities, will leave their individual identities for the sake of the team. Choosing the right athletes from the beginning is a winning formulae. It is possible for a squad to acquire and possess collective memory traits and patterns.Whether in a successful team or in a successful relationship, being in the zone is a united consciousness, an understanding between humans; being on the same page – creating flow. My all time hero,

Albert Einstein, called it “spooky action at a distance”. It is the idea of “twin atoms” proven by various experiments. Two particles separated by large distances can still belong and behave together and even share physical properties, acting as one entity tied together by an unknown force.I find myself being much more attracted to working with and within the environments of those who open themselves to a physical understanding of achievement and also overall existence – being in the zone and achieving success with “flow”.

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