WATSU - Water Zen Shiatsu

It will always be my advice that any home improvement should include a heated pool - if not inside, maybe on the veranda, or even in a protected area in the garden. Just about all fitness and well-being programs can take place in warm water.

Having a look at a mind and body control program, you cannot do better than the Water Zen Shiatsu program, called Watsu. Originally from the Hot Springs in San Francisco, this program has been used by many a stressed Hollywood film stars and top businessmen. Treatment for stress release and problems with insomnia, digestion, anxiety and pain are high on the popularity list.

The therapeutic benefits also accommodate conditions such as fibromyalgia, spinal cord injuries, Parkinson’s, low back pain of many origins, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, MS and many more.

The Watsu method is a form of deep relaxation in warm water (36 degrees +). It involves deep breathing and muscle stretching in which the muscles and joints relax, the eyes become partially closed and one is merely left with ‘feeling.

Each person's experience is unique. Where some clients purely seek physical freedom, others might experience a state of hypnotherapy – emotions, subconscious memories etc.

The Watsu therapist and the client/patient engage in a very trusting relationship. The client has to become totally relaxed and accustomed to the close contact and of the therapist. The client is continuously supported while being floated, cradled, rocked and stretched. After a trusting relationship has been established, the therapist starts applying the movements they get trained in during the intensive certification program.

Contra lateral stretching and range of motion relaxes the muscles and increase ROM. It frees up the spine completely. These movements also open the important energy pathways. Shiatsu trigger points and massage also get performed on specific areas with the free hand of the therapist. Therapists get trained in the different holding positions wherein the client feels totally safe and at ease with trust. Movements which involve cross stretching across the midline of the body improves and strengthens the coordination of left and right brain. Concentration levels show an amazing improvement. A deeper level of relaxation gets established with spinal twisting moves. The contrast between close contact and freeing movements, deepens self awareness and provides freedom of movement. It helps define self-boundary and opens new possibilities of connection and flowing movement.

Watsu provides the client with the space and flow within which to discover the freedom in their own body. Each Watsu as an occasion to practice being with another without expectation – an incomparable domain, free in ways impossible on land; that of unconditional love

Watsu can be a level never felt before – a very deep sense of beauty and release.