Athletes and injuries Aquatic Rehabilitation


The primary objective is to return an athlete to play as soon as possible, with the injury at or near 100% of pre-injury strength levels. Coaches want the athletes conditioning level equal to the pre-injury in order to bring him back into play.

Not only can we learn from injured racehorses that recover in water, but also Pope John Paul II walked in the Vatican pool as part of his rehabilitation program following a total hip replacement.

In my experience training sports teams, water has been one of my success secrets; not just for rehabilitation purposes, but also for conditioning, endurance, strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, recovery and more. However, it is important to know where to place your water training in your period based program design. Programs are based on progressive levels to ensure the efficacy of athletic training.

Over time, we got to learn from other high performance athletes and Olympians how they successfully returned from injury after a water rehabilitation program. The freedom of movement in water ensures multi muscle involvement rather than one muscle in isolation, therefore the focus is on patterns of movement rather than merely strengthening of isolated muscles. A well design, rehabilitation program will involve both shallow- and deepwater use as well as vertical and horizontal positioning – with and without buoyancy or resistive equipment. Sometimes a little bit more buoyancy relaxes the muscles more, which in turn improves circulation. Tight muscles constrict the circulation benefit that plays a major role in rehabilitation.

Dr Igor Burdenko, based in Moscow, one of the spearheads of water rehabilitation and training, brought to everyone’s attention that bone tissue grows much faster in water that any other training method. He trained patients with fractures in water resulting in a much quicker healing time.

Due to the amazing properties of water, fitness levels can be built up whilst rehabilitation is in progress. One of the major concerns, not only for the injured athlete, but also for the team coach/manager, is to have the athlete back at full fitness as quick as possible after injury. This is very possible if athletes use water training with a well-qualified water trained specialist. Qualified water coaches know how to use the properties of water, Newton’s Laws as well as Archimedes’s principles, to design a safe and functional water rehabilitation and training program.

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