Are you 'skipping' the rope?

Whether we call it “SKIPPING” or “JUMP ROPE” it is one of the best and most economic forms of cardiovascular exercise. This form of play has been around for many decades. All you need is a rope or strong piece of string and the WILL TO MOVE!

So why are you not jumping the rope?? Which one of these EXCUSES do you use?

  • I cant!! You o

bviously have never tried or simply do not believe in your own capabilities, a person who sets limitations.

  • My knees cant? You could be an ex runner who never strengthened your body correctly to enable you to save knee cartilage for later years

  • I cant coordinate ?? Coordination is one of the most important attributes of the human body. Without developing coordination, you neglect complete input in your hard drive (brain) which leads to incomplete physical and mental attributes

  • I don’t have a rope? Lame excuse as these training aids are most probably the most cost effective you can get.

  • I cant jump anymore?You most probably cant because you have not strengthened your core, gluts and leg muscles to enable them to be used and if something does not get used, why should it maintain the ability it was meant for?

Lots of NEGATIVE EXCUSES and ultimately YOUR DECISION, but take a look at the BENEFITS.

Jumping rope

  1. Stimulates bone growth!!

  2. Improves coordination.

  3. Improves your timing and rhythm.

  4. Creates explosiveness and fluidity in your movements.

  5. Increases agility.

  6. Assists in speed development.

  7. Plays a huge role in creating balance.

  8. Improves hand foot and eye foot coordination.

  9. Offers muscular conditioning.

  10. Is an obvious cardio-respiratory conditioning excercise where you can accurately monitor energy zones.

  11. Is economical and cheap.

  12. Can go on holiday with you – light in any travel bag.

  13. Is ‘space friendly’ so you can actually do it in your hotel room while on a business trip.

  14. Helps use the calories that you do not need thus also speeding up the metabolism.

  15. Provides the body with just the correct amount of impact without being harmful or aging.

Introducing the JUMP ROPE to kids is an absolute must. Apart from it being highly embarrassing as an adult to admit “I cant skip”, it provides the child with a foundation for all aspects of sport now and in the future.

Many adults think that they ‘cannot skip’ but most have never even tried or have never been shown the correct way. Best is to go and buy your own as it becomes part of you very quickly. What is important when looking for the perfect rope ?

The Type of Rope –

Depending on your entry level of performance, you will choose either a fast or slower rope. As a beginner try and find a ‘slower’ rope than what you will be working with at a later stage. A slower rope normally is made of beads and a material that does not bend too much. A faster rope is your thin, lighter material which can provide speed on turning.

The Length of the Rope –

This is a very important step towards successful jumping. Stand on the center of a looped rope with one foot and pull is straight up, holding both handles like ski-ropes. The handle tips should just touch under your arm pits. Some ropes have the possibility to be made shorter or longer for the perfect fit.

Use of the rope -

When you start with your first few turns, avoid the jumping through. Simply have the rope, handles in wrists and hands together, then turn the rope next to the body in a circle back to front. Then repeat on the other side. These strong sure circular moves next to the body, give the arms the chance to get into a firm swing and the mind adjusts to this new bodily action. With Jump Rope, try focus more on the arms then the legs!

After a few strong circles next to the body, open up the one hand when they get to the front and jump through. Keep practicing this for quite a long time before you start jumping over each swing you give.

In no time you will discover this easy training method.

Simply switch to the alternating side swinging of the rope when you feel short of breath.

Ensure that you hang the rope up afterwards so you cause too many twists and turns in the material.

Practice makes perfect and with the correct mindset you WILL reap the benefits.

Good LuckGOOD LUCK!!

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