When the risk outweighs the benefit

Sounds straight forward – when the risk outweighs the benefit, just don’t do it!

Hard to believe in our very modern society of high-level technology, internet knowledge and clever brains, you still get a large population that falls for the fads and fly by nights.

The fitness industry is probably one of the best examples of how manufacturers and money seekers can pull the wool over buyers eyes. An industry where copy and paste with a little tweak is a regular best seller. The public, with no knowledge of anatomical and physiological function of the human body can easily be convinced to try or buy with the greatest risks.

From my experience as fitness professional, it comes down to internal or external motivation. I have dealt with peak athletes most of my career, with the result of having to make very sensible choices. Making one wrong decision can cost a team sometimes hundreds of thousands or even millions of Rand. The big difference between professional athletes and the weekend warriors, is internal motivation.

When athletes train towards a goal, the success of internal motivation leads to ultimate focus on the task without the necessity of external “entertainment”.

Members of the public keep looking externally to try get their motivation levels higher. A few lucky ones start associating with a successful fitness professional and they will always be reap the benefits. Unfortunately externally motivated actions don’t last long and neither does it lead to achieving goals.

It’s the same as going to watch a show once and definitely not expressing the same enthusiasm when watching it for the second time.

This typically happens in the fitness world. The public sees a piece of equipment on sale with a brilliant sales talk about it.

They end up buying it and as a result end up with sore knees or a sore back.

Social pressure is another example. Just because everyone goes to attend the “killer” or new class that is the craze at the local gym, does not mean it is not loaded with contraindications, with many more risks than benefits.

It takes boredom, lack of long-term benefit or unfortunately an injury to make you realise that you need to surround yourself with knowledgeable professionals in their field. Whether it is a reputable fitness coach or even one of your friends who has achieved success through completing many hours on the bike or road over the years AND has achieved winning results. My advice is always, check first with someone who you know is an achiever, because those are the humble individuals with the correct knowledge to guide you.

“All that glitters, is not always gold”