The Fitness Industry - Perks or Passion?

We learn that Physical Fitness is a state of health and well-being and, more specifically, the ability to perform aspects of sports, occupations and daily activities.

Populations are becoming more aware of their health and fitness and wanting to lead better lifestyles. This offers the opportunity for more students to choose a career in the fitness industry. Fitness associations are blooming as more and more students are qualifying either as personal trainers or group fitness trainers.

This brings me to the question to be answered now – why is the population getting more overweight and obese when all these “fitness professionals” are out there in their numbers? And why are there so many “unfit” people still living between us?

If the Fitness Industry in SA is doing the best they can for the population, why does SA rank 14th on the obesity rankings by number? What seems to be the missing link? “Fitness” Qualifications? Influence of “Fitness” on the population? Fitness professionals “interest”?

There are various perks to a job in the fitness industry, such as free gym memberships, discounted rates on supplements, clothing, access to different training equipment etc. Trainers control their own time schedule and wear casual training clothing.The question then to be answered next – what are the intentions of SA’s fitness professionals? Perks or Passion?

There are shocking findings in SA in a global obesity study. From the four million global deaths in 2015 which were directly associated with excess body weight, the conclusion was drawn that 40% occurred in people who were overweight and not even classified as obese.

This specific finding then tells that to even be moderately overweight is detrimental to health. Further studies show that 70% of local women are either overweight or obese. SA thus the highest rates for women in Africa.

13% of SA children are overweight or obese. We know that overweight children have a very slim chance of being lean as adults. The number of fat cells in obese children increases and does not disappear as they get older. Always fighting to get back to its biggest sizes. Parents are the main cause of the epidemic of fat children. How many times do we stand in the grocery line to see the shocking junk mothers have in their baskets to feed the family. From sweet cold drinks to msg filled crisps to sugar loaded treats. Children and small animals are sponges in the hands of those who adopt and feed them. NEVER blame kids or animals for behavioral problems. ADULTS CREATE GOOD OR BAD KIDS AND ANIMALS! To add to this horror story are the latest studies which prove that “young, obese males have reduced levels of testosterone, which greatly increases their risk of erectile dysfuntion and infertile as adults” The researchers noted “that low testosterone levels also are associated with higher levels of abdominal fat and reduced muscle which can lead to insulin resistance and then diabetes.”

What is the effect of the Fitness Industry really on all of the above mentioned problems? Is the population educated enough to choose the right trainers or the right training facility or gym? Are they enlightened enough to make the better choice and not just the “latest” fad that springs up at the new gym that opened last week?

Personally I would add that not enough emphasis is placed on the fundamental basics of training. The result is too many injuries too soon. and too much focus on external motivation. With the establishment of internal motivation, which is long lasting, people are more likely to persevere within a regular training regime and as a result make healthier food choices.

Choose your trainers that are coaching with knowledge and passion and that are in the profession not merely for the temporary perks of the job. Trainers that have discipline and that instill discipline in their clientele. That could be the way to change our Fitness Industry in SA to better assist the future population in healthy living.

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